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women owned.

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Truly Great Coffee

Sassy Bean coffee celebrates women around the world in their hustle, their drive and their success.


We believe women to be blissful, beautiful, fierce, powerful, successful, and loving all in one cup. Our beans are representative of the moments amazing women take for themselves everyday. The quality those moments deserve and as such we have a bean for every unique desire.


We have crafted and perfected our consistent roasts to ensure superior blends, aromas and flavours.

We are an artisanal Canadian Company working with direct trade growers in South America our beans are farmed, roasted and delivered with a feminine touch.


Our mission is to bring you moments of fulfillment with every sip!

From Farm to Table 


From farm to table we ensure every step is ethically fulfilled. Beginning with a direct-trade process which which ensure all profits go directly to the farmer.  Our farmers have been handpicked due to their commitment to producing consistently superior beans on ethical farms. 

Our artisanal roasting process is completed using only the highest quality roaster which ensures that every small batch is roasted with the same recipe, providing you with a consistent experience with every cup.

We then pass along our fully washed beans to you in a humidity controlled bag which ensures that you are getting the fresh roasted beans in every bag.

Barista performing pour over of Sassy Bean Coffee
Roasted Coffee Beans with steam from roasting process
Why Women-Owned
Coffee Matters 


The coffee industry is male dominated from farmers to roasters to wholesalers.  At Sassy Bean we are stepping into the industry with a sassy feminine touch and our coffee is the perfect way to support amazing women everywhere.  As self-titled "Coffee Snobs" we appreciate the fulfilment that comes from a stellar cup of coffee. Coffee shouldn't just be a beverage, it is a magnificent cup of fulfilment for women just like you making it happen everyday. From days where you are breaking boundaries to days where all you can do is take a moment with your coffee, we have the perfect single-origin blend just for you.

We ensure that each moment is superior and we help you to continue creating moments, reaching amazing goals and celebrating your success. 

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